19 May 2006 @ 04:33 am
Friends Only  
This journal is friends-only. Entries range from the personal to the fandomy, the introspective to the fangirly, from the serious to the silly.

If we have a lot of interests in common or a lot of friends in common, feel free to add me and comment here, and I might add you back. My flist is getting a bit large, but I'm always open to considering new additions ;)

A few important notes:Collapse )

If you are here because you wish to speak to me with an issue or request regarding _we_are_lost, forksradio, winchesterwarts, or notcowards, please send me an email at surrexi @, and I will try to address your problem as soon as possible. Be sure to mention the community in question in the subject so I don't delete the email as spam.

If you are here looking for my icons, they can all be found at my icon journal, how_iconic. For inquiries about my icons, please email me at surrexi @, and include something about my icons in the subject line.

If you are here looking for my Jensen Ackles moodtheme, it can also be found at my icon journal, in this post. Questions concerning the moodtheme can be sent to me via email (surrexi @, with the moodtheme mentioned in the subject line.

For more information about me, check out my user info.